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Polestar 5 Prototype Reveals Brand Exclusive Powertrain

Polestar has revealed more details regarding the upcoming Polestar 5 grand tourer at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The most important one is the new powertrain exclusive to the brand. This new range-topping propulsion system features an 800-volt charging architecture for quick charging. We also know the most potent version’s output now too. The two high-output, Polestar-exclusive electric motors make a mind-melting 884 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque. The development of this component is already in its advanced stages at the company’s research and development center in Sweden. However, Polestar didn’t disclose the battery size.

Polestar 5 Development in the Advanced Stages

The team in the United Kingdom has been working on the Polestar 5’s platform, which makes extensive use of aluminum. Like the powertrain, this component won’t be used by other brands in the Volvo Car Group and Geely umbrellas. The Polestar 5 will be among the first vehicles to make use of bonded aluminum to enhance its driving dynamics, keep weight down and improve rigidity. “The new powertrain we are working on will set a new brand benchmark in our high-performing cars,” said Jörg Brandscheid, CTO and Head of R&Dat Polestar. “Combining strong electric motor engineering ability with advances in light-weight platform technology is leading to truly stunning driver’s cars.”

You’ll see the Polestar 5 prototype drive up the iconic hill at Goodwood twice daily from June 23 to 26. Although it remains covered in camouflage, you see the resemblance to the Precept show car first revealed in 2020. That means you see many unique design cues including the split Thor’s Hammer headlights. Other unique details include the full-width LED taillights and the lack of a rear window, a first for a production vehicle.

Due out in 2024, the Polestar 5 will be the final vehicle in the brand’s product blitz. The first model to debut is the Polestar 3 this October, an SUV similar in size to the Porsche Cayenne and will compete with upcoming vehicles like the Fisker Ocean, Audi Q6 e-tron, and BMW iX. Following that is the Polestar 4 in 2023, a compact SUV that competes with the upcoming Porsche Macan EV.

Source: Polestar

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