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New Cadillac Celestiq Teasers Show Off Interior

The Cadillac Celestiq has been teased once again and we get a glimpse of the car’s interior. Since it’s the brand’s new flagship, it’s no surprise that it looks downright extravagant. From the metal trim to the fancy center console on the rear seats, the Celestiq looks like it’ll be the poshest Cadillac to date. Note the knob behind the little cubby, hinting at infotainment controls for passengers in the back.

Other distinct cues include what looks like laser-drilled aluminum trim on the doors. The seats on the Cadillac Celestiq look fabulous too, featuring burgundy upholstery with perforations, bright red piping, and metal trim just below the headrest. Additionally, Cadillac showed off the car’s seat controls, hinting at endless levels of adjustability. The car’s ambient lighting looks like they also shine through the little holes drilled into the trim pieces.

Earlier this year, Cadillac gave us a glimpse of the Celestiq’s exterior including the blade-like taillights. We see that once again from a different angle while showing the car’s other lighting elements. A picture of the front fender shows a Flying Goddess icon paying tribute to the hood ornament of the same name. The same photo also shows the car’s massive aerodynamic wheels with components that look like they improve airflow. You also see a clamshell hood that likely hides a storage area.

Cadillac Celestiq: Hand-Built in the U.S.

Lastly, Cadillac included a closeup of a bolt with the tagline “Standard of the World” etched on it. That suggests the Celestiq’s status as a six-figure flagship sedan, one built with care and precision. Expected to debut in 2024 as a production model, the Celestiq rides on General Motors’ Ultium suite. This includes a platform built specifically for electric vehicles, unique batteries, and electric motors developed in-house. The vehicle will be hand-built at GM’s global technical center in Warren, Michigan.

Source: Cadillac