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Cadillac Celestiq Show Car Previews Upcoming Flagship

After numerous teasers, the wraps finally came off the Cadillac Celestiq Show Car. This vehicle serves as a thinly veiled preview of the upcoming flagship full-size sedan for the brand. Additionally, it pays homage to the craftsmanship and heritage of past Cadillac sedans including bespoke V-16-powered coaches and1957 Eldorado Brougham. Think of the Celestiq as the modern interpretation of the brand’s flagship. It’s a sedan that pays of homage to its old slogan, “Standard of the World.”

Like the Lyriq SUV, the Cadillac Celestiq Show Car possesses incredible presence. It features the brand’s latest corporate face complete with the same epic lighting elements. In the rear, the car gets the same angular lighting split between the upper and lower portions. The fastback roofline gives the sedan its sexy side profile and enhances its road-hugging stance. As revealed by one of the teasers, the Celestiq has a liftgate instead of a trunk, effectively making it a hatchback like the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Cadillac Celestiq Show Car: Head-Turning Interior

Like the exterior, the Celestiq Show Car’s interior gives us a good glimpse of the production model’s appointments. , This cabin unquestionably steals the spotlight with its bright red upholstery mixed with metal trim. The four-seat layout hints that this is a car you want to get driven in because of its appointments. In the rear, the center console features controls for the infotainment system and a small tablet-like touchscreen. You also get individual entertainment displays. On the dash sits the highlight of it all, a massive 55.0-inch curved display spanning the width of the cabin. It also gets an active privacy system that blocks the passenger display from the driver’s view.The glass roof, on the other hand, features suspended particle device (SPD) technology that allows for four variable zone lighting. This lets passengers fine-tune their section of the cabin to their liking.

A Production Preview

Despite having show car in its name, Cadillac says the technologies shown in this prototype will most likely find its way into the production model. One feature confirmed for production is Ultra Cruise, the next upgrade to General Motors’ Super Cruise system. This iteration allows the car to navigate you to your destination and adds other new capabilities thanks to a broader array of sensors including LiDAR.

Built on GM’s Ultium suite, the Cadillac Celestiq will share its battery cells, electric motors, and platform with the aforementioned Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV family. GM will build Cadillac’s new flagship at its global technical center in Warren, Michigan. It recently invested $81 million in the facility for Celestiq production. Later this year, Cadillac will announce more information regarding the production model.

Source: Cadillac