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Cadillac Celestiq Prototype Teased One Last Time

General Motors just released the final round of teasers for the Cadillac Celestiq show car ahead of its official debut next week. This time we get two photos each of the interior and exterior respectively. One shows off the rear seats, highlighting the illuminated trim and the individual seats. You also get a full-length center console with controls for the car’s infotainment system and seat adjustments on the doors. The second interior shot comes in from the rear, showing off the car’s displays, including the main infotainment screen spanning the whole dash. Additionally, this photo also confirms that the Celestiq is a hatchback since the cargo area is part of the cabin.

The two exterior shots of the Cadillac Celestiq show off the front and rear of the vehicle. It has a similar front fascia to the Lyriq but has unique lighting elements. Once again, we see the silver accent on the front fender with the Flying Goddess emblem and a clamshell hood. The futuristic design continues in the rear where you see similar lighting patterns to the Lyriq, an illuminated Cadillac crest, and massive C-pillars. Should the latter remain intact when the Celestiq goes to production, these will create massive blind spots. The nonexistent rear decklid further verifies the liftgate in the back.

Debuting on July 22, the Celestiq show car is a thinly veiled prototype previewing the final production model. Like the Lyriq, the all-electric Celestiq rides on the Ultium suite. However, GM announced that it will hand-build the Celestiq at its global technical center in Warren, Michigan. Expect the sedan to feature high-speed DC charging, likely up to 350 kW since it may use an 800-volt charging architecture like the GMC Hummer EV.

The Celestiq goes on sale in 2024. Considering its positioning as an exclusive, hand-built flagship, expect a six-figure starting price.

Source: Cadillac