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General Motors, Pilot Company Collaborate on Charging Network

General Motors has announced that it’s collaborating with Pilot Company to expand the nationwide charging network. It aims to help make long-distance travel in battery-electric vehicles more viable as part of private-public cooperation to improve transportation access. EVGo will maintain the new charging stations via its eXtend program. Eventually, the company aims to create an infrastructure that seamlessly connects both coasts and rural and urban areas. Third-party research commissioned by GM reveals that widespread access to highway charging, especially in underserved rural and urban areas, hampers widespread EV adoption.

The network consists of 2,000 charging stations co-branded as “Pilot Flying J” or ”Ultium Charge 360.”Although every brand can charge at these locations, owners of GM vehicles get special perks. These include plug and charge capability, discounted pricing, charger reservation, and real-time charger availability. Pilot and Flying J centers will also get DC charging stations that can dispense up to 350 kW of energy. The former chose the latter to collaborate on this initiative due to its expertise in building, operating, and maintaining the DC charging infrastructure. New sites feature canopies to protect customers from bad weather conditions. Certain locations also have pull-through capability to allow for convenient charging for trucks and SUVs pulling a trailer.

More Convenient Long Distance EV Travel

General Motors’ collaboration with the Pilot Company aims to install charging stations at 50-mile intervals across the U.S. It’s part of a larger $750 million infrastructure investment, which also includes the initiative with EVGo to install 3,250 new DC chargers. This also gives customers in the U.S. and Canada access to over 100,000 stations via the Ultium Charge 360 program. Another 40,000 chargers will be installed in local dealer communities. As part of GM’s Dealer Community Charging Program, this initiative focuses on underserved areas.

Pilot Company, on the other hand, will upgrade its charging locations with new extras including free wi-fi, a convenience store, and a restaurant. This forms part of its ”New Horizons” program, a $1 billion program aimed at upgrading its stations. Doing so aims to make the charging experience similar to fueling at a gas station thanks to the additional amenities. Like its current Pilot and Flying J sites, the new locations will be open 24/7. GM and Pilot Company aim to continue working together to accelerate EV infrastructure development. These will be done via accessing key stakeholders and public-private programs.

Source: General Motors