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Radar Auto is Geely’s Latest EV Brand

Geely Holding Group, the parent of Volvo Car Group and Lotus, has launched a new brand in China. Called Radar Auto, the new targets consumers with outdoorsy lifestyles. Its first vehicle, an all-electric compact truck called the RD6, launches in the fourth quarter of 2022. In addition to pickups, Radar Auto’s lineup will expand to include SUVs and ATVs. Additionally, every single vehicle it makes will be battery-electric.

Like Zeekr, Radar Auto remains fully independent despite being part of the larger Geely umbrella. The brand has two dedicated facilities in China, one for research and development in Hangzhou and a fully-equipped production site in Zibo. Ling Shi Quan, a veteran lead engineer in Geely Holdings Group, serves as CEO of Radar Auto. Quan led milestone projects within the company for brands like Lynk & Co and Geely Auto.

The design of the RD6 was penned by iconic designer Peter Horbury. Formerly of Volvo, Horbury helped develop the Radar brand from his design studio in the United Kingdom. He also noted that the emphasis on the outdoorsy lifestyle meant mixing functionality and usability with an aesthetically pleasing form.

The RD6 uses Geely Group’s SEA platform. However, Radar didn’t disclose which version. It did reveal that this gives the truck the latest technologies and your choice of single or dual-motor configurations. Using the SEA platform also allows designers to maximize space, giving the truck a front trunk and nifty in-bed solutions.

In addition to selling vehicles, Radar Auto aims to engage with its target audience with a lifestyle sub-brand called Radar Weekends. It focuses on outdoor lifestyles and will cooperate with various partners for vehicle accessories and promoting environmental responsibility. Companies and organizations Radar aims to collaborate with include NatureHike and National Geographic China.

More information on the Radar RD6 will be announced closer to its on-sale date.

Source: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group